Why Landlords Should Consider Regular Paint Maintenance in Their Apartments

Regular Paint Maintenance Equates to Happy Tenants

Landlords most certainly get a bad rap much of the time, but not all of them are obviously the same. Of course, all landlords are certainly protective of their investments but not all of them are trying to get away with something as one thinks when envisioning the stereotypical “slumlord”. There is a distinct line between a landlord choosing efficient options for rental units and being negligent, and what many who are considering going into this line of work might not realize is how much regular painting of properties can make a substantial difference. There are many reasons why landlords should consider regular paint maintenance in their apartments, and we explore that below.

It’s Common Courtesy

Having a freshly painted apartment is not a heavy burden on a landlord and, as such, should be considered one of the “bare minimum” elements a landlord can provide to make sure his or her tenants are happy. Of course, once the tenant is in the apartment, regular painting can be a bit more labor-intensive, as the tenants obviously have to coordinate schedules and painting times. It seems a small price to pay, however, in keeping the tenant happy.

It’s a Quick and Economical Fix

When it comes to methods of giving any room a makeover that doesn’t take a long time and also doesn’t break the bank, it’s hard to achieve more than a coat or two of fresh paint. Even if the property you are renting out is on the older side, a fresh coat of paint makes everything look new. And renters obviously like these sorts of connotations. There are plenty of costly fixes that will need to be made on appliances and the like, so landlords should take advantage of a low-cost way to make their tenants happy.

Regular Paint Maintenance Will Deter Tenants From Wanting to Paint Themselves

There are no hard and fast laws or rules about painting in rental units so if you’re a landlord, it’s really up to you as to whether you allow your tenants to reflect their personality with paint colors in their rental. The truth is, though, allowing them to do so is likely going to be negative for you as, even if you require them to return it to the original paint color, that means you have to trust that they or the people they hire will do a good job. On the other hand, if you don’t allow them to do so, you risk making them unhappy as tenants. If you keep up with regular paint maintenance, you will likely keep them happy enough to avoid the desire to paint it themselves at all.  

It Helps to Cover Other Necessary Repairs

A high-quality interior paint job will likely last about 7-10 years so, as a landlord, you might be tempted to file this under “fix it and forget it.” The truth is, though, that just because the paint is holding up doesn’t mean there aren’t scuffs and chips caused by everyday wear and tear by your tenants. Regular paint maintenance will make sure that these are all taken care of by an appealing fresh coat of paint.

Regular Paint Maintenance Allows for Color Updates

As a landlord, you’ve likely gone with a paint color that’s relatively neutral to ensure a broad appeal to your tenants. However, changing paint shades every once in a while will surely give your place a new look and, in turn, will make your tenants happy that you are keeping up with the times when it comes to colors. 
If you’re a landlord looking to make sure your rental units look top-notch, leave it to the professionals. Call San Diego Paint Pros to make an appointment today.