Commercial Painting Quality Control Checklist: What to Look For

If you’re looking to refresh your building, a fresh coat of paint can be a simple and quick way to do it. However, there’s more to a quality commercial painting job than meets the eye, and that’s why many business owners hire professional painters to get the job done.

To ensure your next paint job is the best, consider this comprehensive checklist that’ll help identify common errors and check the quality of any commercial paint job.

Your Commercial Painting Quality Control Checklist

Identifying errors and red flags requires a bit of attention on your part. If you catch mistakes earlier, you will have better chances of correcting the problem. 

Using a commercial painting quality control checklist will help you quickly spot common errors, so you can figure out a solution before a small problem becomes a big one.

Check the Paint Coverage

Your paint serves as a protective barrier for your building. However, if it’s applied unevenly, it can leave your building susceptible to damage. 

Inspect the coverage as soon as possible, and let your contractor know if you notice any problems. Doing so will enable them to fix it before continuing with the rest of the job. When examining the paint job, use different lighting to spot imperfections better.

Watch Out for Bubbling and Drips

You will want your freshly painted walls to have a smooth and inviting finish. For a clean, professional look, inspect your paint job for bubbling and drips. To do this, run your hand along the wall to ensure the paint is smooth. This method is more efficient than solely using your eyes, as paint can be deceiving.

Did the Painters Get the Color Right?

The golden rule of any commercial painting quality control checklist is getting the color right. If you notice that the color is off, you must let your contractor know as soon as possible. This will save you time, money, and the headache of repeating the process with a new coat of paint.

Several reasons your paint color could be off include improper mixing and lack of primer. If you’re concerned about any of these issues, you can always check with your contractor beforehand to inquire about their process.

Was the Paint Applied Correctly?

Newly applied paint should not be peeling off the walls. If yours is, you should let your contractor know immediately because it’s  an issue that can become expensive if not caught early on. 

Peeling paint can be a sign that the paint was not applied correctly, or that there is an issue with the surface the paint was applied to.

Get the Job Done Right with San Diego Paint Pros

Following the checklist can certainly help you identify and fix painting mistakes or you could hire a professional and let them handle the work. Hiring a qualified, skilled professional you can trust is critical to getting a commercial paint job that helps your business shine. 

At San Diego Paint Pros, we have the experience and dedication to deliver top-quality results on any paint job, no matter the complexity. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.