HOA Painting Guidelines- What You Should Know

When you purchase a home in an HOA community, you enjoy certain advantages, such as well-kept properties and access to shared amenities. But navigating HOA rules, even for something as seemingly basic as selecting your house’s paint color, can be  challenging.

We’re here to simplify things by explaining standard HOA painting rules in simple language to ensure you avoid unnecessary fines and keep your home’s exterior looking great—without compromising your style. 

Paint & Common HOA Rules 

While the rules relating to paint can vary between HOAs, here are some common ones:

Approved Color Palette: Many HOAs have an approved color palette or a list of pre-selected paint colors that homeowners can choose from. These colors are  usually chosen to create a uniform look throughout the neighborhood.

Color Restrictions: HOAs may restrict specific colors—especially bold or unconventional choices. Bright neon colors, for example, are usually prohibited.

Color Combinations: Certain HOAs have rules requiring homeowners to use specific color combinations for the exterior of their homes, including  particular colors for siding, trim, and doors.

Sample or Request Approval: Homeowners  must often submit a paint color sample or request approval from the HOA before painting the exterior. 

Maintenance and Repainting: HOAs may have rules about how often you must repaint your home to maintain its condition, which might involve repainting every few years or when the paint shows signs of wear.

Professional Application: Certain HOAs require that professional contractors handle exterior painting. Why? To ensure quality and consistency in appearance.

Notification Requirements: Homeowners may need to notify the HOA before starting a painting project. Some HOAs even require formal written requests.

Touch-ups and Maintenance: Even minor touch-ups or repairs to the exterior may need to comply with the HOA’s paint rules.

Why Hire a Painting Company That Knows HOA Rules & Regulations?

Many HOAs have penalty structures in place for violations of their painting rules.Sometimes, the HOA may require you to repaint your home using an approved color at your own expense. And if you continue to ignore the HOA’s warnings and fines, you may face legal action, additional fines, and repainting costs. Yikes!

That’s why many homeowners hire a painting company like San Diego Paint Pros. We know our way around HOA rules and can make the approval process smooth and easy. Plus, we’re simply just good at what we do. We’re well-versed in approved color palettes, deliver high-quality work, and ensure the paint job is done to your standards—and the HOA’s.

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