How Much Does Commercial Painting Cost?

Are you looking to revamp your commercial space with a fresh coat of paint but don’t want to take on the job yourself? Then you’re probably curious about the price tag that comes with the transformational touch that only a professional can give you.

While we can’t provide exact figures without first assessing your property, we can shed light on the variables that impact the bottom line. Here’s how we determine how much commercial painting costs. 

Amount of Labor

The industry standard for commercial painting labor varies with job size and complexity. A skilled commercial painter typically covers 150 to 200 square feet of surface area in an hour. 

Surface Area

The total square footage of your commercial building is a crucial factor. Bigger spaces mean more paint and more work, which can directly impact the cost. If you want to do some quick mental math, consider that a gallon of quality paint costs between $50 and $75 per gallon and multiply that by the square footage of the space. 

Type of Surface 

Unique surfaces require their own preparation and paint types, which mean more time and labor. For example, painting walls typically requires less prep work than painting trim, which might involve careful sanding and priming. Exterior siding may demand special outdoor paint to withstand the elements. 

Prep Work 

The condition of the surfaces being painted also factors into commercial painting costs. Extensive prep work may be required for surfaces with cracks, holes, or peeling paint. Proper preparation ensures a smooth, durable finish that lasts.  However, rough or damaged surfaces increase labor and material requirements, which impacts the bottom line. 

Cost-Saving Strategies 

If you’re working on a budget and want to reduce costs and streamline the project, doing some  prep work  can help.

Prep Work: This might include patching small holes, sanding surfaces, or removing old wallpaper. However, it’s always helpful to consult with an expert to ensure you’re doing the prep work correctly, as improper preparation can lead to poor paint adhesion and an imperfect finish. 

Clear Access Areas: Before our painters arrive, clear furniture, decorations, or any other obstacles from the area. This can save time and labor costs because painters won’t need to work around objects. Plus, it reduces the risk of accidental damage to your belongings.

Make the Long-Term Investment: Cutting corners by using cheaper paint may be tempting, but the short-term savings won’t add up in the long run. Opt for high-quality paint because it generally requires fewer coats, provides better coverage, is more durable, and lasts longer.

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