How to Choose Your Building’s Paint Colors

Selecting the right colors for your building is essential for your brand identity and can help your business stand out. 

When choosing your building’s colors, it helps to know a little about color psychology, so you can critically evaluate a long list of available options. Then, by carefully selecting your building’s colors, you can enhance the curb value of your building while simultaneously enticing potential customers to shop there.

If you’re looking for advice on how to choose your building’s colors, understanding the basics of color psychology is a great place to start.

Color Psychology

The predominant sense in our current culture is visual, which is why selecting the correct color scheme is essential. In addition, color plays a role in first impressions. People will likely judge your business based on your building’s color.

In color psychology, different colors induce different emotions in different people. One primary reason for this is the role individual psychology and cultural practices play in how a particular color makes a person feel. 

For example, red and green are commonly associated with Christmas in the United States. However, a combination of red and green would have different connotations in other countries.

This disparity means choosing your building’s colors isn’t only about matching color to emotion. However, the solution is simple when you keep four key factors in mind:

Factor 1: Know Your Industry

The type of industry your business operates in will have a significant bearing on your color choices. For example, if you are in healthcare, the color blue would play an entirely different role than if you were in construction. 

Factor 2: Know Your Market

Since the significance of a particular color can differ from person to person, knowing your target market will help you use color more strategically. Familiarizing yourself with your target market will help you understand your customers’ preferences, eventually enabling you to make data-driven decisions regarding your building’s color scheme.  

Factor 3: Let Others Know Your Personality

Depending on the nature of your business, it may be beneficial to put a little personal touch on your color scheme. For example, if you’ve always preferred brighter, livelier colors, try incorporating some of those preferences into your final color scheme. 

You can even combine these personal touches with other recommendations, such as choosing colors suitable for your industry. This way, you can subtly inject your personality while increasing your building’s curb appeal.

Factor 4: Know Your Regional Rules

Your building’s location will play a vital role in what colors you can select. Some areas only permit certain colors, while others allow more freedom. Before you hire someone to paint your building, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your local ordinances so you’re operating within the bounds of the law.

Ask the Pros

Knowing how to choose your building’s colors can be challenging, even when you understand the basics of color psychology. However, a professional can take the unique needs of your business into account and determine the best options for your building. 

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