3 Reasons Why Paint Maintenance is Important for Your Space

You visit the doctor for checkups and take your car for upkeep. In the same way, your home, office, or commercial space also needs paint maintenance. Find out how regular paint maintenance impacts your space and ways to get it done!

Paint Maintenance Matters

Common damages to your paint job include cracked or peeling paint, scratches and stains, mold and mildew, and more. Address all of these issues with paint maintenance and gain the following benefits.

#1 Increase your property’s overall longevity by several years. As external factors like the weather and poor product lines affect the wear and tear of your space, it’s important to have  regularly scheduled interior or exterior repainting. Depending on usage, the average interior gets repainted every 7 to 10 years. Protect your home or building from degradation and extend the life of your property’s paint job. In the long run, it can actually save you maintenance costs.

#2 Keep your home or building up to code. California’s health and safety code states what makes “[a]ny building or portion thereof including any dwelling unit…shall be shall be deemed and hereby is declared to be a substandard building”:

(3) Defective or lack of weather protection for exterior wall coverings, including lack of paint, or weathering due to lack of paint or other approved protective covering.

In addition to aesthetics, exterior paint maintenance contributes to the safety of your property. Make sure you’re on top of your repainting projects, especially if you are a business owner. 

#3 Keep your space looking snazzy. We mentioned aesthetics above. With a fresh coat of paint, you can transform your space and breathe new life into it. Whether it’s refreshing with the same color palette or switching things up, keep your space looking professional and inviting with paint maintenance.  

Comprehensive Maintenance Service Program

Paint maintenance isn’t just about applying a new coat of paint (though it’s surely part of that!). We understand that you may not have the time to do it yourself, and that’s where we come in. At San Diego Paint Pros, we make paint maintenance easy for you.

Our service program is designed to substantially extend the results of your paint job. It currently includes services for pressure washing, stucco patchwork, paint touch-ups, and more. Most of our maintenance services focus on exterior jobs but our commercial paint maintenance program covers interior projects as well! Depending on your specific needs, you get a custom-designed maintenance package that may or may not include the following services: 

Pressure Washing

We prep all surfaces to ensure a beautiful paint job. Pressure washing is high-power exterior washing meant to remove debris, mold, fungus and other surface build-up. 

Touch-Up Painting

Don’t wait for significant amounts of paint to come off your walls! We can easily fill up cracks, chips, or other damage with our touch-up services.

Stucco & Patchwork

Moisture is a leading cause of damage to your stucco. We provide services to fix or prevent further damage.

Making Paint Maintenance Easy for You

San Diego Paint Pros has the expertise you need to keep up with paint maintenance for your commercial space or home. We believe our clients deserve paint jobs that are completed efficiently but not rushed, and with the highest quality while still being cost-effective. Not only do we strive for high levels of communication, you get additional peace of mind with our licensed, bonded, and insured painters and services. And because we love giving back, we donate a minimum of 2% of all revenues to programs within the San Diego Community. For your paint maintenance needs, contact the Pros. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.