How to Choose Retail Store Painting Colors

Retail Store Painting Colors to Achieve Your Goals

Colors matter. That’s because hues really do affect everything from our moods and state of relaxation to our outlook, and yes, even our retail shopping habits. And while that might sound manipulative, retail is a business and every opportunity to improve your bottom line is not just understandable but necessary. If you’re just getting into the business or are looking into new retail painting colors, this article will help you make the right interior paint color choice for your aesthetic goals. 

Be Warm and Welcoming With Burnt Orange and Browns

While these colors might sound very retro (okay, Brady Bunch-esque), they can be quite lovely. Brown tones are known for being warm and welcoming while orange represents vibrancy and energy. These hues are inviting, which will likely cause shoppers to linger. Of course, lingering increases your chances of making that sale. And while an entire store filled with either of these hues would likely be overwhelming, orange and/or brown accent walls can offer just the touch you’re seeking.

Rev Things Up With Red

Again, an entire store filled with red is going to cause anxiety and possibly anger! However, a well placed accent wall gives the shopper an intense experience in the very best way (hello, Target). Red can also be used strategically within the store to attract the shoppers’ eyes to sale items. Other retailers will even tell you to use intense colors like red when you’re selling delicate items like lingerie to put the shopper a tad off balance (metaphorically speaking!). 

Choose a Unique Hue for Branding

Sometimes it’s not the retail painting color, per se, but rather the fact that the color is simply something that the shopper might not see very often. A logo done in distressed turquoise, a bright periwinkle, banana yellow, or celery green are not going to be forgotten any time soon. Even more than this, they will likely always be associated with your store in the shopper’s mind.

Get Literal With Green

For obvious reasons, shoppers and, well, all human beings associate the color green with wealth. Because of this, going green will likely never be a bad decision. And because there are so many different shades of green, you can really have fun with this one.

Be Bold With Black

As with many of the other colors we’ve mentioned, you obviously never want your entire store to be black. Talk about scaring the customers! Used sparingly, however, it’s often associated with luxury and power. Retail experts will tell you that black works well when trying to draw attention to expensive or high-end products.

Subtly Wow Customers With White

Whether you notice it or not, many retail stores embrace the blank slate that is white. It works particularly well for all kinds of boutique shops, wedding dress shops, and even baby clothing stores. Seen as representing freshness and cleanliness, it’s hard to go wrong with white.

Pick Purple For Pretty Products

A light purple retail painting color is ideal for selling beauty products, such as in a spa or a store like Sephora or Ulta. Light purple is soothing and calming to customers, which makes sense when one considers the relaxing effects lavender is known for.

You don’t have to reinvent the (color) wheel when choosing your retail store painting colors. Think about your goal and choose a hue based on what you are trying to achieve. If you need help choosing your paint colors and/or getting the job done, call our expert team at San Diego Paint Pros or get a quote today!