Signs that It’s Time to Repaint Your Commercial Property

First impressions count—especially when it comes to your commercial property. A well-maintained building demonstrates professionalism and adds to the property’s overall value. But how do you know when to give your exterior a much-needed makeover?

From fading colors that suggest neglect to more urgent issues like peeling paint and structural vulnerability, here are a few cues telling you it may be time to repaint your commercial property. 

Faded or Dull Colors

If colors have lost their vibrancy and appear faded, it’s a clear indicator that it’s time for a new coat of paint. Fading can be caused by various factors, including exposure to ultraviolet rays, heat, moisture, humidity, airborne pollutants like industrial emissions and vehicle exhaust, and more. 


If you notice a chalky residue on your hands when you touch the painted surface, this is a pretty clear indicator that the paint’s protective properties are diminishing, and the paint film is deteriorating. While some level of chalking is expected over time, excessive chalking likely suggests it’s time to repaint your commercial property. 

Blistering Paint 

Blistering occurs when bubbles form on the painted surface. This is typically caused by trapped moisture, insufficient surface preparation, or painting in excessively hot and sunny conditions that cause rapid surface drying and reduce adhesion. If you spot blistering paint, it’s likely an indicator that your building is due for a fresh coat.

Mold or Mildew

Notice any mold or mildew cropping up outside of your commercial space? Well, that could mean there’s a bit too much moisture hanging around, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Premium exterior paints are designed to resist moisture and mold growth and often contain additives that inhibit the growth of these organisms.  

Deteriorating Wood or Metal

Do you notice rotting wood or rusting metal peeking out from beneath an aged layer of paint? When wood and metal face repeated exposure to rain, humidity, and various moisture sources, rot and corrosion can occur. You may need to give your exterior a fresh coat of paint to stop this deterioration. 


Are you thinking about rebranding, changing your business model, or just want to give your image a boost? Paint can help. A change in your brand often extends beyond your logo and marketing materials and includes the building where you work. In short, giving your business a fresh coat of paint is a wise marketing move that ensures you maintain a consistent image and protect your investments.

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