10 Sexiest Paint Colors

One of our painting contractors in your area can help you choose the sexiest colors that can give you the best looking home in your neighborhood.  Sedona pink, heritage red, and bittersweet chocolate are just some of the examples that can make your home provocatively sexy and beautiful to anyone who enters it.


If you want to add a touch of sexiness to your home, San Diego Paint Pros (License #960066) can help make it happen for you with their collection of sexy colors that will make your home look ravishing.  Call (619) 816-1944 to set up a free design consultation to bring sexy back to your home.


1.) Heritage Red: Heritage red is the number one sexiest color that San Diego Paint Pros’ satisfied customers have selected when attempting to blend a sensual color with elegant taste. The Chinese lacquer red can remind you of a bouquet of roses, passionate love and evokes a truly sensual response. This deep wet red is like a luscious voluptuous fever dream that you will never want to wake up from.  Paint this on dining room walls and its exciting and provocative nature will elicit flirtation of your dinner guests making them feel uninhibited and daring.

2.) Black Semi-Gloss: Black is dramatic as it is daring. The production manager of San Diego Paint Pros believes that the forbidden quality of this color make it simply irresistible.  A room painted black is a place where you could discuss and share new secrets.  Its semi-gloss finish give it an edge that makes it pop.

3.) Sedona Pink: Is perfect in a white room with light colored fabrics such as navy blue. If you are lying in bed there is nothing sexier than a reflective wash of pink.  It feels like a sensual seduction, like wearing lingerie under a trench coat.  For women this color can help you embrace your feminine nature. For men it can ease the daily burden of stress and uncertainty with the thought of women’s touch.

4.) Bittersweet Chocolate: This is one of the sexiest colors available.  Its decadent, dark sumptuous colors draw you in and heighten your senses. Chocolate being a powerful aphrodisiac is a natural selection for an intimate dining room area.  This color allows you to experience the sensual nature of chocolate without having to count calories that come from eating it.  This color can be great for rooms where you are attempting to exude a sensual flavor without being over the top.

5.) Gulf Stream Blue: There’s a certain sexy feeling you get when you are on a boat, laying under the sun relaxed and content. Gulfstream colors give you that deep teal blue water feel, and bring you back to that blissful nature.  If you paint a room with this color, you feel transported to another world. A San Diego Paint Pro can help get you there.

6.) Indigo Blue (RAL 5020): This is a very deep type of indigo blue. It has a fluid and mysterious feel to it that makes it really sexy.  This is a deep watery blue, evocative of the ocean and reminiscent of carefree times.  You can imagine yourself being swept away by the crest of a wave to a tropical island under the sun.  This color is great for a bathroom because it evokes a calmness that transcends the chaos of a busy life.

7.) Gunmetal: This color is a provocative sexy color that feels smoky and sophisticated.  This masculine color reflects fast cars, excitement, and a thrill seeking lifestyle. Match this with wall-to-wall carpeting; dark hardwood floors, or sophisticated silks can make this one hot room. 

8.) Driftscape Tan: This is another recommended sexy color that has amethyst undertones when it is slicked on the wall.  It makes everything in the room soft and sensuous.  This color is reminiscent of an oasis in a arid desert.  This soft, yet strong color can really bring a room to life.

9.) Dorset Cream: This is the color of candlelight and there is nothing sexier than the soft flame of candlelight much like those lazy afternoons basking in sun on a terrace in Naples.  Its relaxed golden glow gives you that come hither sexiness.  All you need is this color and a bottle of wine to set a sexy mood for any room in the house.

10.) Autumn Orange: California Paint Experts also recommends autumn orange because of its embracing quality. Its warmth and earthiness make it the perfect backdrop for other sexy colors like baby blue, hot pink and chartreuse.  Autumn orange will remind you of a sun setting over the horizon, the passion of true loves first kiss, and the warmth of a lovers arms.