What to Consider When Choosing Restaurant Painting Colors

Restaurant Painting Can Create the Perfect Vibe

So you’re opening or updating your restaurant’s decor. How exciting! Never underestimate the power of your establishment’s style when it comes to turning new customers into repeat customers. Ambience is just as important if not more important than the taste of your food to many patrons, so it’s not something to phone in even if you’re under some time constraints. Fortunately, one of the easiest and most fun aspects of redecorating is choosing your restaurant painting colors. Again, though, this isn’t a decision to take lightly. The key is to know the message or impression your restaurant is trying to convey, and we share more about how to convey this with your color choices below.

Be Wary of Reds 

Red is having a moment in homes and businesses across the world. And why not? After all, it is a bold and beautiful color. Fast food restaurants are known for having red interiors. Although red does stimulate hunger, it’s also been known to aggravate and even raise blood pressure. Because fast food restaurants are only concerned with volume, red works. If you’re not a fast food restaurant, stick to red accents only.

Green = Good Health

If you’re looking to convey that that your food is healthy as many farm-to-table restaurants are doing these days, green is the perfect hue for that. However, because green is so often associated with vegetarianism and veganism, it’s probably best to steer clear of this if your restaurant is meat-focused.

Oranges and Yellows Speak to Early Birds

These are great hues for the AM crew but, even if your restaurant serves breakfast, avoid oranges and yellows that are too bold or bright unless you’re using them for accents. And neons are a no-no! Oranges and yellows have also been shown to be a good fit for cafes and yogurt shops.  

Blues and Purples Are Risky But Can Pay Off

Blue hues have been known to not only be associated more with drinking than with eating but they are also known for making food look less appealing. That’s definitely not a good thing if you’re redecorating a restaurant with a culinary focus. However, as this article by Upserve.com notes, “One way blues do usually work, though, is in seafood-focused or nautically-themed restaurants have…The key is that they’re often very muted and used alongside a lot of neutrals like beiges and whites.” The article points out that a former hibachi restaurant in Rhode Island called Shark transitioned to a hookah/liquor bar while still serving small bites and sushi. In this case, their blue accents serve to encourage guests to drink and relax. Paint color experts will tell you that purples are best left for spas but bohemian restaurants and coffee houses can pull off this unique vibe. 

Warm and Neutral Earth Tones Elevate Fine Dining

These warm, neutral tones combined with soft lighting and a roaring fire equate to magic in elegant restaurants. As previously mentioned, when used sparingly, reds and other rich tones can provide the perfect accents for these more neutral colors. 



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