Office Building Painting Tips From The Pros

Sometimes your office building needs a refresh with a new paint color–but it’s tricky to dive into the painting process if you don’t have any experience. There are so many things that can go wrong if you do a poor job. Luckily, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for office building and large office painting tips from the pros, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed seven helpful tips to make your office building painting experience much easier. 


Plan The Painting Process

Our first of the office building and large office painting tips is to plan out your painting process from start to finish. Consider everything – budget, paint type, and when it will occur.

Your staff and customers should know the painting process before it occurs. They should know when you plan on having the process down and how long they can expect to be out of the office. Everyone should be on board and ready to move when it’s time.


Make Minor Repairs

Any damage to your wall will lead to an imperfect coat of paint upon application. Surface preparation is one of the most critical parts of painting a wall, which means more than simply applying a layer or primer before slathering paint on the surface.

Look for small cracks and holes in the structure, then fill them before painting. Leaving them alone could lead to wear and tear on the paint and wall and more money spent.


Get Proper Paint And Tools

Ensure you have high-quality paint and tools for the process. It’s better to invest more for a top-notch paint job than to touch up a poorly done job earlier than anticipated.

Consider purchasing a drop cloth and quality paint brushes. You should decide what type of paint goes with your office. Are you a glossy business? Matte? Every choice matters.


Prep and Finish

Invest in prepping the wall and finishing it after painting. Prepping includes fixing small cracks, investigating the structure, and adding primer beforehand.

Once the paint dries, check it out to ensure there is an even coat. Ensure the finish is what you want. Every finish will offer a different feel to a room. 


Test The Paint First

Test the paint on the wall before adding large strokes that are trickier to clean up. Paint a small square to see how it sticks to the wall and what it looks like in the office space.

If you hate the paint, go back to square one and pick a new color. If you love it, it’s time to start painting. 


Hire A Pro For Your Office!

Our final office building and large office painting tip from the pros is to hire a professional for the job. No one does it better than someone with experience. A professional will help pick the right color, prep, apply, and finish the paint job.


If you’re looking for a professional, contact us today. We’re here to offer peace of mind through our professional services for your office building. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!