Picking Colors for Any Home

Modern color trends are always changing, but you can trust San Diego Paint Pros to give you a paint job that will remain fresh for years to come. Our paint experts will work with you during your consultation to help you select the perfect paint color for your home. Let our experts show you the kind of work we’ve done in the San Diego area before, and show you samples of the kind of work we’d like to do for you. We specialize in creating tones and schemes to match any mood you’d like your home or business to set. Here, we’ve outlined some of the effects colors can have on your home so you can get a better idea of what you want coming into your consultation.


Warm and Cozy Colors: These colors can be used in a variety of different rooms in the home, and, as the name suggests, are used to convey a very cozy, warm, and homey feel. Many view these colors as symbolic of both togetherness and strength. Varying shades of red are mostly found in dining rooms and libraries, but have been used more frequently in kitchens and bedrooms in recent years. A pure orange is a great warm color for almost any room in a house but is difficult to tone down, and is most often used as an accent color instead. Yellow is often a tricky color to tame, but can be used delicately to create a bright tone for rooms with plenty of sun or other light.

Cool and Soothing Colors: Colors that provide a cool and soothing feel are also known to carry a sense of calm and trust. Green is one of these colors, and is known as one of the most flexible colors to accommodate to any room. Blue is also a very flexible color and the selected shade of blue can produce a tone of anything from bright and refreshing to calm and sober. Violet has long been avoided because of the boldness of the color, but has made an emergence recently because of its connection to romance. It is thus being used mainly in bedrooms, but can be used in a living room to give a serene feeling.

Pastel Colors: These colors are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any room. Pastel colors are just the product of adding a lot of white to any paint color. These colors are usually so faint that they will not clash with any kind of fixture or furniture. Pastels tend to create a comfortable and airy feel to a room.

Neutral Colors: Any neutral color will blend with its surroundings extremely easily, but can leave a room feeling bland if not accented by an additional color or colorful furniture. Builders will often leave a house with the ultimate neutral color of white to accommodate for the new homeowners’ unpredictable tastes. These colors are a great accent to most rooms and can be used to create a stylish or dramatic effect with the right touch.