Best Paint Brands

San Diego Paint Pros is a professional paint and stucco company that recommends using Frazee, Behr, or Dunn Edwards paints because of their wide variety of colors, appealing properties, price ranges, and excellent durability.

San Diego Paint Pros agree that Frazee, Behr, and Dunn Edwards are all paint brands that undoubtedly have some of the best quality paints because they provide a superior quality product that stands the test of time.  Many off brand paint colors chip easily, run when drying, and do not look appealing when applied to the wall surface.  When selecting a paint brand it is important not to try and save a few bucks and go with the cheaper product because the difference in quality and durability is very noticeable.  The unparalleled quality of paints provided by these companies will guarantee a full count of satisfaction from the customers. The paints provided by these three companies comes in an absolutely mind boggling variety of colors. Whichever paint the customer wants, and however rare the paint tone is, these three companies have got it. Not only is the color tone important for the customer, but the durability of the paint is also. Paint professionals and customers alike do not like or want their new paint to rapidly discolor or peel off the applied surfaces. It is important to choose one of these three paint brands because you will not have to worry about the inevitable stress that accompanies inferior products. In addition, the paints from Frazee, Behr, and Dunn Edwards have all been tested to be long lasting and extremely effective. This is precisely why San Diego Paint Pros definitively recommend Frazee, Behr, or Dunn Edwards paint. Despite the superior quality of all of these featured brands there are still many differences between the three types of paint that San Diego Paint Pros recommend.

Overall Rank:

1.) Frazee: This paint is considered an upper-middle quality product, medium price range, favorite choice of San Diego Paint Pros, and uses environmentally friendly materials.  Frazee is the overall the best paint you can buy for the price, and can produce almost any desired color.

2.) Dunn Edwards: This paint is the most expensive, has a reputation for being the best high-end paint that one could purchase.  This is a favorite among contractors producing high-end jobs and this brand has really established itself over the years as a premium selection choice.  However, a couple ingredients used in their paint have recently been banned and has affected the quality of their product in their new paint formula. This company still has good quality paint, but can be over priced.  They have lowered their prices a bit with the new formula but the quality is not what it once was.

3.) Behr:  This is the cheapest priced paint of the three companies.  Behr is known as a decent quality product, and has come a long way in terms of the products quality and ingredients used.  However, it still has room for improvement and is not a popular choice among professional contractors.  It is recommend for homeowners that are trying to save money and produce the work themselves.  If you are going to spend the money to have the paint professionally applied it is worth using a paint that has higher quality ingredients such as Frazee or Dunn Edwards.

Our paint professionals advise using the paints from these three major brands because of the unique technology that has been utilized to create the paint and the reputation of the brands is something you can trust.  Frazee and Dunn Edwards color and tones have been perfectly engineered to perform their designated task whether that be being waterproof, blocking corrosion, or even both. Also, the paint can be easily applied and quickly dries so whether you are a casual painter or a professional painter. However, San Diego Paint Pros advocates Frazee over all other paint brands because it provides a great product and is a prime example of high quality paint that does not require the consumer to pay overly high prices. In addition, the paint selection from these three brands can be used almost anywhere in the home. Whether you are painting wood, metal, or even brick, there is paint that is right for you. Frazee, Behr, and Dunn Edwards all manufacture paint for the interior and the exterior of your home. These three brands of paint offer an almost endless stream of possibilities!

Listen to the advice of the San Diego Paint Pros and head over to a local Frazee, Behr, or Dunn Edwards paint store to choose from one of the best, affordable, and highest quality paint brands around.