Picking the Best Colors to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home, San Diego Paint Pros (License: 960066) can help you give your home a distinctive and unique look by choosing colors that complement and contrast each other to give your home a lasting appeal to potential buyers.   The use of neutral colors as well gives buyers a chance to put their stamp on the house making it easier for you to sell it to them.  Call (619) 816-1944 to set up a free estimate and design consultation with a sales associate of San Diego Paint Pros.

If you have a home that you want to put in the market, a San Diego paint contractor such as San Diego Paint Pros can make sure that potential buyers will see that the home has a lot of curb appeal.  This means that from the street, it catches their attention and keeps their interest so much so that they want to stop by and take a look.  The best paint colors that San Diego Paint Pros will utilize will increase the marketability of your home allowing you to gain more profits from its sale.  Our painters will help you select a color that complements your home and is neutral enough that it appeals to all types of buyers.

If you want to speedily increase your home’s market value, San Diego Paint Pros recommends you to choose neutral colors such as an eggshell white, caramel brown, or a light shade of beige.  Having neutral palettes means that the colors will work with a plethora of different colors and shades including other homes in your neighborhood.  Examples of neutral shades that San Diego painter contractor recommends include: white, beige, tan, including light shades of blue fall and in some cases yellow.  If you are selling your house, take note that what may appeal to you may not necessarily appeal to potential buyers or even renters.  Neutral colors are also a good choice for property managers of residential and commercial buildings.  Renters have many of the same preferences as homebuyers in respects to going with neutral color schemes.  Neutral colored homes give potential buyers or renters a lot of leverage when it comes to thinking of repainting ideas of their own.  It gives them enough latitude and ensures that they won’t have to spend too much on redecorating because the colors you chose are neutral and therefore would not clash with their painting, furniture or redecorating ideas.


A paint contractor of San Diego Paint Pros can also offer you contrasting colors that can also appeal to buyers and help speed up the sale of your home.  If you live in a neighborhood with similar colored houses, potential buyers may want something that stands out from the rest. Repainting your home with colors like grey, beige or tan in a predominantly white colored house neighborhood would give your home that eye catching unique appeal and make it distinctive from the rest of the houses along your zone.  Potential buyers would definitely remember your home for its distinguishing characteristics.


San Diego Paint Pros’ local production crews in San Diego also recommends using complimentary colors that work with existing features outside the home you intend to sell as well as also complementing the other houses in your neighborhood.  If you happen to have pavers outside in shades of rich, dark shade of red; complimentary brick color can be a slightly lighter shade.  Some homeowners prefer to pick paint based on the brickwork found in their house.  This trim gives interested buyers a nice and neat polished look that is very appealing.