5 HOA Painting Tips to Help Sell Your Property

Things to Consider for HOA Painting and Appeal to Buyers

Flipping or just selling homes is not for the faint of heart, as it’s often subject to the varying states of the market, mortgage rates, and HOA guidelines. However, those with a knack for this will tell you that it can be extremely lucrative. You have to have all your bases covered, and one of those that many people in this position don’t think about is paint. It’s not wise to overlook this, as something that seems as innocuous as this can actually be very crucial in the selling process. While it’s not brain surgery, per se, it is wise to put yourself in the shoes of the home, apartment, or condo-buyer when preparing to put a property on the market. Read on for five things to consider when choosing a paint to sell a property. It’s important to be even more particular when considering HOA painting, as the guidelines don’t typically offer much for variation.

1. Go With Neutral Tones

The first thing any real estate agent worth her salt will tell you is that you want the people walking through the property to immediately envision themselves in it. If you’ve got a funky wallpaper up in the living room and a neon eggplant shade in the bedroom, the potential buyer might even think it’s cool but still not be able to picture himself in the home. This is the same reason real estate agents will tell you to take down any other personal signs of you living there, such as paintings, most decorations, and family photos. Neutral paint shades such as ivory, gray, white, or tan are wonderful options, as you’re providing a blank slate for buyers to envision what they will do with the property once they move in. They are also more friendly when it comes to HOA painting.

2. Don’t Forget the Accent Colors

So you’ve provided the blank slate on the walls but that doesn’t mean the whole house has to be a sea of gray or white. Providing bold, eye-catching accent colors on things like cabinets can go a long way in making potential buyers “ooh” and “ahh” as they walk through the property.

3. Choose Between Flat Paint and Eggshell

Again, this isn’t rocket science but you shouldn’t ignore these factors either. When choosing paints, flat paint is best for areas when you are trying to disguise bumps or blemishes, which is obviously imperative when selling a property. These are often used in high traffic areas like hallways. Eggshell paint is very durable and ideal for areas like bedrooms and living rooms. The slight sheen and reflective quality of eggshell paint is subtle yet appealing.

4. Pay Particular Attention to Bathrooms and Bedrooms

The kitchen and the master bath are the rooms most buyers will pay attention to, as they will provide the property with the best resale value. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to overdo it. In fact, many realtors will tell you that you can generally keep the structure of both of these unless they are in terrible condition. That’s what’s so great about paint, as a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for both these rooms. Much like with the other areas of the home, the bathroom paint color should be relatively neutral but don’t be afraid to use something like a bold navy with a high sheen for cabinets. A bright white or summery yellow will open up a master bath and give the illusion of more space. For the kitchen, beige, gray, and white are the best choices when selling an HOA property, home, or apartment. Replacing other items in these rooms like toilets (go with low-flow), fixtures, and lighting are relatively inexpensive but significant ways to improve rooms without doing a complete overhaul.

5. Don’t Forget the Exterior

Everyone has heard the term “curb appeal,” as it’s your home’s chance at giving the buyer a stellar first impression. And while the thought of having the exterior of your home power washed and then painted seems financially and otherwise daunting, it can pay big dividends. Some buyers won’t even get out of the car if they don’t like the outside of the property, so think of this as your one chance to really “wow” them. When considering the colors, it’s best to think just like you did with the interior. Putty, off-white, taupe, yellow, gray, and light blue are excellent options. And just like the with the interior, things like doors and shutters are great places for bold accent colors.

HOA painting can seem daunting because of the strict guidelines, but it’s best to consider these tips when trying to sell an HOA listing. Follow these tips and your property will surely fly off the market.