Office Painting Doesn’t Have to Mean Reinventing the Wheel

5 Considerations to Make When Office Painting

The idea of painting your office might not sound like a huge deal but when you consider how much time you and your employees spend there, the significance becomes readily apparent. Whether you’re a therapist looking to soothe clients or you run a high-intensity ad agency in which employees put in long hours, you want the walls of your office to please everyone. You’d be surprised by how many considerations there really are when it comes to office painting, and we share five of them below.

1. Start With Safety

You obviously want to provide a safe work environment when office painting, so the health of your employees needs to be number one. This means going with a paint that’s low in volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These are paint solvents that get released as the paint dries, and this chemical release can cause dizziness and headaches.

2. Productivity Plus

There is a psychology to paint color, and what many people in business have come to realize is that it can positively and negatively affect productivity …. so you obviously want to choose wisely. Yellow is the color of creativity, so this would be ideal for magazines, marketing companies, and anything in entertainment. If you work long hours, go with green, as it causes the least amount of eye strain. Red is a wonderful color if you need your employees to be active, so this is a great option for fitness centers. And blue is the universal color of productivity, so it’s hard to go wrong with this strong and vivacious tone.

3. It’s All About the Accents

Keep in mind that the colors mentioned above are so bold, you want to make sure to keep accents in neutral tones so as not to go overboard. You might also choose varying intensities of color based on what certain rooms are used for. Not surprisingly, brighter colors are more stimulating while softer shades are more soothing, so the purpose of the room should be considered.

Walk through your office space and think about it from all angles – from the viewpoint of the employees, clients, and even yourself. You want the reception area to be welcoming and calming, so a soft yellow or something on the peach color wheel would do. While red is fun for an energetic accent wall, it can stimulate anger, so you don’t want it in abundance in any employee gathering areas. Teals or greens are great for training areas, as they manage to inspire both calmness and creativity.

4. Bear Branding in Mind

Marketing gurus will tell you that if branding isn’t everything, it’s close to it. To put it simply, everything that comes out of your company – from colors and graphics to newsletters and blog posts – should stay on brand. This is a particularly important consideration if you do a lot of videos from your office that are then placed online. The background and office should be a continuation of your brand.

5. Let’s Hear it for Longevity

Another thing to consider regarding office painting is the fact that you don’t want to have to do it often if you can avoid it, so you don’t want to choose anything too trendy. Just as you want any content you put out to be evergreen, you also want your paint to be as close to this as possible. If you’re going to do something super fun and what might even be considered somewhat outrageous, stick to doing it on just one wall. For the majority of the office, you want to choose paint that will be generally neutral so that you and your employees can enjoy it for a long time and so it can ensure a broader appeal.

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