4 Tips for Painting in an HOA Neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association (HOA), you’ll need to consider several factors before hiring a professional painter to work on your property. But what are those factors, exactly?

Here are four helpful tips for painting in an HOA neighborhood to help you make the best decision and avoid incurring the wrath of your homeowner’s association.

1. Make Sure Your Painters Are Insured

Before you agree to hire a particular painting company, confirm that they’re insured. If they aren’t, you could be held liable for any damage to your property and the people on it, including the painters.

Painting in an HOA neighborhood means you’ll probably have to adhere to some restrictions, which can be stressful. It’s best to avoid adding more stress by hiring someone uninsured.

Knowing that your bases are covered in the event of an accident will give you the peace of mind required to focus on other tasks while the painting is being completed.

2. Understand Your Neighborhood’s Specific Regulations

Living in an HOA neighborhood has its perks. However, it also comes with many responsibilities and requires you to follow strict protocols. Not abiding by your HOA’s regulations can have consequences, including fines and even expulsion from the neighborhood.

Don’t let this happen to you. Review your HOA regulations early and often, and make sure you abide by them every step of the way.

Examples of common HOA regulations include specific paint colors on houses and doors, as well as adherence to specific local ordinances. As long as you understand the rules and stick to them, you shouldn’t have any problems.

3. Oversee the Process Yourself

Scheduling a painting project is complex and adding an HOA board to the equation further complicates things.

With that in mind, your painting project will undoubtedly be subject to specific timing requirements. Managing all these moving pieces will require a fair degree of vigilance, especially when the process is in its early stages.

If you’re hiring a commercial painting company for a large project, it’s a good idea to approach each project stage as a separate phase. That way, you can set milestones and assess the work as it’s completed. 

4. Understand the Scope of the Project

When hiring a company specializing in painting in an HOA neighborhood, knowing the project’s scope will allow you to communicate effectively with your painters and your HOA board.

That means understanding the amount of work involved and how long it will take to complete and ensuring everyone else understands. In some cases, requesting multiple consultations with the painting company may be necessary before the project gets underway.

Get Professional Help for Your Painting Project

Now that you’ve read some tips for painting in an HOA neighborhood, you should have a better idea of what it takes to complete a project. If you’re ready to get started, contact us to get a quote today.